Why Challenge Me For Good?

The destination doesn’t always matter but the journey does. Come with us and start today on your journey toward being a better version of yourself. Have fun and help others.

With this in mind, Challenge Me For Good was created to give a little extra push to some of us. Getting started can be hard but with the support from your friends and the excitement of the challenge, it suddenly becomes possible.

Charities always need donations, so what a fun way to give and do good at the same time as enjoying personal growth.

”A dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream you dream together becomes reality.”

– John Lennon

What is Challenge Me For Good?

Challenge Me For Good is the only platform that helps people achieve their dreams while supporting a charity.
It is a place where you will bring out the best in yourself and in others, and make the world a better place.

Our main source of inspiration was the Ice Bucket Challenge, a campaign that promoted awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encouraged donations for research.

We loved the concept of Having Fun while Doing Good and decided to take it to the next level, by creating this platform.

All too often, people say they “dream of accomplishing” something or they mention how long their bucket list is.

Research shows the main reasons people give up on their dreams are the “Lack of a plan, of discipline, of motivation” and the “Fear of failure”.

Challenge Me For Good removes these two hurdles:

By creating, assigning and accepting a challenge, the Challenger and the Challengee agree on a clear plan to meet the end goal.
This creates the structure needed for the Challengee to feel motivated and to give their best and achieve their goal, their dream.
– As a Charity is associated with each Challenge, we also remove any fear of failure.
Because your Challenges are always a success. Either directly for the Challengee, or indirectly by raising funds for a Charity.

Challenge Me For Good combines the fun of a Challenge, the satisfaction of fulfilling a dream and the unmatched feeling of supporting a Charity.

What is our Goal?

Help 500,000 people achieve their dreams while raising $100 million for 100+ Charities

  • Our Vision

    Love and Care

    Be the social platform where people bring out
    the best in themselves and make the world
    a better place.

  • Our Mision

    Peace and Happiness

    Challenge people and help them achieve
    their goals and dreams while supporting
    countless charities.

  • Our Values

    Help and Support

    Fun, Respect, Generosity.

Our most popular Challenge types

Use your creativity to help the ones you love achieve their goals

Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams

(Go skydiving, have your book published, travel to Machu Picchu...)

Fun and Friends

Fun and Friends

(Grow a mustache, dye your hair, get a tattoo, ask that girl out...)

Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness

(Run a marathon, go to the gym…)

Employers and Employees

Employers and Employees

(Close that deal, grow sales by 10%...)

What sets Challenge Me for Good apart?

We are the #1 platform to challenge your friends while supporting a charity

Fast and easy setup

Create a Challenge in less than 60 seconds

Unmatched source of motivation

Share your Challenge on social media to generate motivation and support

Redefine "Supporting a charity"

Use Challenges as a new way to rally support for a charity or a cause

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Help 500,000 people achieve their dreams while raising $100 million for 100+ Charities