The Basics

Challenge Me For Good is the only platform that helps people achieve their dreams while supporting a charity. It combines the fun of a Challenge, the satisfaction of fulfilling a dream and the unmatched feeling of supporting a Charity.

Challenge Creation:

When a Challenger creates a Challenge, they enter various information about the Challenge: Challenge name, Challenge description, Challenge type, deadline…

They also select a Charity and they assign the Challenge to the Challengee (themselves or someone else) by entering the Challengee’s email address.

Finally, they make a contribution toward the challenge.

Receiving a Challenge:

The Challengee gets notified via email that a Challenge was assigned to them and they can either accept it or decline it.

When a Challengee accepts a Challenge, they have until the deadline that was set by the Challenger to complete the Challenge and to mark it as Complete.

Pretty much any types!
Whether you want to challenge a friend to grow a beard, to motivate your spouse to get healthier, or to push your staff to achieve a target, the only limit is your imagination.

However, Challenges must follow our Rules:
– Challenges must be positive to the Challengees: whether it be fulfilling their dreams, pushing their own limits, or becoming a better person, Challenges need to contribute to the Challengee’s personal growth. We want Challengees to smile when they look back at the Challenges they completed
– Challenges must be safe for everyone involved: Challenge Me For Good is all about Having Fun while Doing Good
– Challengers and Challengees must be honest: Challenge Me For Good is based on good faith. It is not always possible to verify whether a Challenge was completed. Challengers and Challengees are expected to mark the Challenge as Complete/Failed based on teh best of their knowledge
– Challenges can’t involve illegal or prohibited actions: before creating, accepting and/or completing a Challenge, always make sure this is not going to break the law or put you or someone else in any danger
– Challenges can’t be bets. Bets are the act of gambling money on the outcome of a race, game, or other unpredictable event. They are mostly chance-based.

Please refer to the “User Conduct” section in our Terms of Use for additional guidance about prohibited Challenges.

When the Challenger creates a Challenge, they have to select a Charity.

When the Challenger creates a Challenge, they assign it to the Challengee by entering the Challengee’s email address.
An email is automatically sent to the Challengee to notify them.

The Challengee has 29 days from the date the Challenge was created to accept the Challenge or to decline it, else the Challenge gets deleted from our platform.

When a Challenger creates a Challenge, they have to specify a deadline.
This deadline specifies to the Challengee how long they have to complete the Challenge.

If the Challenge is not marked as Complete before the deadline, the Challenge is considered as Failed and the contributions that were made toward the challenge are automatically donated to the selected Charity.

If a Challenge is accepted by the Challengee, Challenge Me For Good applies a 5% fee on the amounts contributed toward this Challenge.
Our payments processor (Paypal) will also apply payment processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

If a Challenge is either declined by the Challengee, or not accepted by the Challengee within 29 days after its creation, the amount contributed by the Challenger will be fully refunded.

Only residents of the United States of America may use Challenge Me For Good.
Users also need to have an email address to create an account and enjoy the features of this platform.
As per our terms of use, users must be at least 18 years old or visiting this Site under the supervision of a parent or guardian.


During the Challenge creation process, the Challenger has to select a Charity from our list.

We have selected several Charities based on the cause they benefit and how well they align with our Values .

The Challenger may also select “Other Charity” and recommend a Charity that is not yet listed, in which case we will review the Charity and ensure it is appropriate for our platform. In this instance, we reserve the right and have absolute discretion to refuse the Charity and to replace it by one from our list.

To become a partner and be added to our list of Charities, you may email us at, with the following information: Charity name, Contact name, Charity mission, phone number and email address.

We reserve the right and have absolute discretion to accept or refuse to add a Charity to our list of partners.

Challenge Completed?

A Challenge is considered as Complete when:
– The Challengee marked the Challenge as complete and the Challenger confirmed it as Complete, prior to the deadline
– The Challenger marked the Challenge as complete, prior to the deadline

A Challenge is considered as Failed when:
– The Challengee does not accept nor decline the Challenge within 29 days of its creation
– The Challenger marks the Challenge as Failed
– The Challengee marked the Challenge as Complete, but the Challenger then marked it as Failed
– The Challenge was not confirmed as Complete by the Challenger prior to the deadline

Once a Challenge is accepted, the Challengee can go to the Challenge page at anytime and click on the “Mark as Complete” or “Mark as Failed” buttons (not the Challengee needs to be logged in to see these buttons).
When clicking on the “Mark as Complete” button, the Challengee will be asked to submit a proof (either enter a text or upload a document like a picture).

Once the proof is submitted, the Challenger receives a notification email with a link to the Challenge page, where the Challenger can click on the “Confirm as Complete” or “Mark as Failed” buttons.

The Challenger has the final word to decide whether a Challenge is complete or not. Their selection is irreversible.

Our platform is based on a good faith and we expect all users to be honest and respectful.


If a Challenge is complete, the contributions go to the Challengee.
The Challengee can then keep the prize or may decide to donate it to the Charity anyway.

If a Challenge is failed, the contributions automatically go to the Charity that was assigned to the Challenge.

Once a Challenge is marked and confirmed as Complete, a notification email is sent to the Challengee with instructions on how to get their prize.

If the Challengee decides to keep the prize, they will be asked to enter their email address.
This email address will be used to send the payment to the Challengee through the Gift Card service.

Amazon Allowance is directly added to the recipient’s Gift Card Balance and can be used instantly to shop among millions of items on If the recipient doesn’t have an account, we’ll send him/her an email to set up one. Restrictions apply, see

Anyone can support a Challenge by making a contribution ($10 minimum).
Contributions can be made via Paypal, using a Paypal account or a credit/debit card.

To make a contribution, users will be asked to create a user name, an email address and a password, so that a confirmation email can be sent to them.

We encourage you to spread the word about your challenge and to leverage social medias to share the Challenge with your friends and family.
On each Challenge page, you can click on the social media icons (Facebook, Twitter…) to easily share a snapshot of the Challenge with your network.

Unfortunately no, Challenge Me For Good is not a non-profit organization and therefore contributions are not tax deductible.