”There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

– Nelson Mandela

Are You Up to the Challenge?

Did you have a blast watching your friends dump a bucket of water over their head for the ice bucket Challenge, and support a good cause?
Would you like to challenge a buddy to grow a mustache, just for fun?
Or do you want to motivate your parents to lose weight or become healthier, just because you love them?

Whatever your motivation is, by creating and assigning a Challenge, you help people give the best of themselves and achieve amazing things.
And to bring an extra level of excitement, spread the word about your Challenge and get people to make contributions towards it.

Just know the rules.
If you complete the Challenge, you can keep the contributions or decide to donate them to a Charity.
If the Challenge is failed, the contributions will automatically go to a charity.

Challenge Me For Good combines the fun of a Challenge, the satisfaction of fulfilling a dream and the unmatched feeling of supporting a Charity.

How our Challenges work?

Fast, easy and rewarding

  • Step 1

    Create a Challenge

    •  Assign the Challenge to yourself or to someone else
    •  Make a contribution toward the Challenge
    •  Select a Charity, to which the contributed amounts will automatically go to if the Challenge is failed

  • Step 2

    Spread the word about your Challenge

    •  Share your Challenge on social media (Facebook, Twitter…)
      or via email and get your Family and
      Friends to also support the Challenge

  • Step 3

    Mark the Challenge as Complete or as Failed

    3.1 If the Challenge is complete, the Challengee keeps the prize

    3.2 If the Challenge is failed, the prize is automatically donated to the selected Charity

  • Step 4

    Enjoy the Results

    Help someone achieve their dreams while
    supporting a Charity

What sets Challenge Me for Good apart?

We are the #1 platform to challenge your friends while supporting a charity

Fast and easy setup

Create a Challenge in less than 60 seconds

Unmatched source of motivation

Share your Challenge on social media to generate motivation and support

Redefine "Supporting a charity"

Use Challenges as a new way to rally support for a charity or a cause

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Help 500,000 people achieve their dreams while raising $100 million for 100+ Charities